May 25, 2022



Commentary for May 25, 2022:

So this is the start of Chapter 38, ĎCome Fly With Meí. The events of this chapter will be happening more or less concurrently with those of the previous one, so if you havenít read Chapter 37, Iíd advise you go back and do so, as the reason for Sonic and Tailsís current journey is covered at the start of that one. Anyway, unlike the previous chapter, this one is not a wholly new story; itís a remake of the story that was originally told in Eonís Comic #139-141 and #144-145 back in 2003. There was another story jammed in between the two parts of the original version, but for the Vol. 1 remake, I just merged the two. This is going to be a slightly longer chapter, coming in at 22 pages; not a new record, but above average for Vol. 1. That said, 22 is fairly average for Vol. 2, so maybe this chapter just reflects a similar kind of story pacing, even if it is being told largely with sprites.

I say ďlargelyĒ there, because for a lot of this chapter, itís going to be kind of light on the sprites, with 3D models taking the spotlight on pages like this, for instance. And that brings me to the Tornado 2, which, as you can see, is no longer a sprite, but a 3D model, like all other aircraft and spacecraft in Eonís World Vol. 1. I made good use of the sprites over the years (and I mean both in Eonís Comic and in Eonís World Vol. 1), but going forward it just wasnít going to work so well anymore, especially if the plane was going to be shown interacting with other craft. And, spoilers I guess, but thatís going to be a thing in this chapter. In any case, I was pretty terrified of trying to make the Tornado 2 into a 3D model, since itís so far outside my usual wheelhouse, and it was a real challenge, but I think I managed to do a really good job of it and finishing this page has erased any doubts I still had about switching from the sprite to the 3D model. Just look at that first panel. Mwah! Chef kiss! Couldnít do that with sprites... at least, not as easily.

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