May 13, 2022



Commentary for May 13, 2022:

Itís Breezie the Hedgehog!

Long time Sonic fans may remember a Breezie as a recurring character from the classic Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon, where she was actually a robot built by Doctor Robotnik to trick Sonic into a trap. Fans of the Archie Sonic comic may recall a more recent incarnation of the character, however, where she was a wealthy businesswoman and media mogul, and it was never established whether or not she was actually a robot, and writer Ian Flynn has been very cagey about this when asked by fans. My portrayal of Breezie is based on the latter. But Iím not going to leave any questions lingering as to whether or not sheís a robot, because I imagine some readers may jump to that conclusion if I donít say otherwise upfront; no, this Breezie is not a robot. I mean, sure it could be an interesting story, but itís not one I want to tell, when the story I do have planned is so much better.

But yes, hereís Breezie! She was namedropped first in Chapter 26, and now she has finally made her first appearance, as promised.

Anyway, I did a little more experimenting with 3D environments here. I think the inside of this portable office does look a little bare, but then portable offices like this are meant to be more function over form, arenít they? Still, maybe this sort of thing still needs work, but the important thing is the encounter between the Freedom Fighters and Breezie.

Oh, and fun fact! This is actually the 400th page of Eonís World Vol. 1!

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