May 12, 2022



Commentary for May 12, 2022:

Iím pretty pleased with how the cave turned out here. And considering just how much time I spent on it, itís just as well I am. Itís an interesting coincidence that, only a few days before making this page, I watched an episode of ĎWell Thereís Your Problemí that was all about what a bad idea it is to explore caves.

You may recall mention of ďprecursorsĒ in a couple of chapters back in season 1. But since it has been a while, I thought a little exposition to remind readers about who they were would be appropriate here.

These are pretty short commentaries, arenít they? I guess the fact that this is a wholly new story, not based on anything from the original Eonís Comic or the 2018 remaster means I have nothing to compare it to, but I usually have more to say, donít I? Maybe Iím just not in the right headspace to vamp long enough here to fulfil some arbitrary target Iíve set for myself.

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