May 16, 2022



Commentary for May 16, 2022:

So as I finished the previous page, a problem occurred to me. I needed a screen large enough to show the radar image of the alien ship, but I’d neglected to include a large wall screen in the 3D model of the portable office. Initially, I thought I’d have to go back and redo the previous page to include one, but then I thought to myself, “Breezie has a laptop on her desk, why not use that?” Now initially, I tried to go for something more akin to the typical “actors on a stage” way I arrange characters in most panels, but zoomed in to show the image on the screen. But this proved impossible without the image still being barely visible. But in a moment of inspiration, I hit upon the idea that led to the panel 4 you see here.

I doubt I’ll do many panels like this, and probably really only for close-ups on things like laptop screens or maybe small devices that don’t translate well into sprites but could be rendered nicely as 3D models, but I think it just about works here.

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