April 21, 2022



Commentary for April 21, 2022:

I donít have a great deal to say about this page in particular, but this is the end of the chapter, Iíll just make a few comments about the differences between this and the original version of the story from Eonís Comic #131 to #132, way back in 2003.

First up, obviously, the Freedom Fighters were not involved as they were not regular characters in Eonís Comic. (They were in it, but only as dimension hopping characters based on their SatAM versions, not actual residents of this universe.) Instead, Eon went with just one friend, Paws (another OC whose creator Iíve long since lost touch with, which is why they will not appear in Eonís World), and they did so against Ballistaís explicit instructions. There was a lot of that back then; Eon doing things heíd been told not to do and usually getting away with it. I wanted to flip that on its head a little for this chapter, which is why Ballista was happy to let Eon and the Freedom Fighters go to the depot, but in his recklessness, Eon almost got himself killed. Still, the overall result of the story is the same; the Echidna Empire successfully raided the military depot and stole a bunch of materiel.

The biggest difference between this chapter and the original story is the ship. It wasnít there at all in the original story. But I did include it in the 2018 remaster. Because, at some point soon after, the Echidna Empire started using a warship and I felt that needed some explanation. Of course, the 2018 remaster didnít allow much room to really focus on the ship being stolen, but thatís the beauty of a complete remake; Iím not bound by the constraints of the original storyís length, so I can better focus on what I feel needs focus.

Anyway, thatís the first chapter of season 3 done. Weíll be diving straight into Chapter 36 next, so come back tomorrow for more!

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