April 8, 2022



Commentary for April 8, 2022:

Fun fact, Lady Ullswater was one of the first human characters I made new sprites of for this season. Weíll be seeing a lot more of her, too. She was never in Eonís Comic; there wasnít ever anyone like her back then. She made her debut in Eonís World Vol. 2, Chapter 8, but as soon as Iíd done that one scene involving her, I knew she had to be a recurring character. Iíve said this before, but I never really touched on how Silkyís country responded to Eon back in Eonís Comic; no question of whether or not heíd been accepted by the people and no examples of any pushback from anybody. I wanted things to be different in the retelling and Ullswater is basically the face of that. However, I do mean to explore her character in greater detail as we go on so she isnít just that one noblewoman who really dislikes Eon.

Anyway, back to Darryl Fennec for a moment. His experience with higher education is a bit of truth in fiction. They say write what you know, and I usually ignore that advice and write high fantasy, science fiction, and political drama. But on this occasion, Darrylís experience is basically my own. Eleven years ago, Iíd decided I wanted to be a university professor and teach philosophy, but getting PhD funding was not going to be possible with the undergraduate grades I had. Itís not that I did badly as an undergraduate; I actually did very well, just not well enough to get what I wanted without extra steps, which I was well on the way to by the spring of 2011, when Iíd applied and been accepted onto a masters course, but circumstances meant I had to abandon that path in the end. But if any readers from back then were wondering why Eonís Comic stopped suddenly in March, 2011, now you know. Had I not tried to pursue that path, who knows how much longer Iíd have kept chugging away on that old comic? Itís even possible some of the stories eventually told in Vol. 2 would have been done in Eonís Comic in the old sprite style instead. That would have been interesting...

Anyways, if youíve read Vol. 2, you know where Darryl ends up. Like me, itís not where he planned or expected to be.

Also, just as a final note, if CJ looks a little grumpy in those first two panels, heís meant to. He doesnít like the military or uniformed service in general.

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