April 11, 2022



Commentary for April 11, 2022:

So yes, if you were wondering why someone who clearly dislikes Eon so much keeps being invited to royal events like these, here’s a gentle reminder; Ullswater is in charge of the Heritage Committee, which is concerned with... well, heritage. Britannic tradition and royal pomp and circumstance are her business, so she is expected at these events. Not to mention, she is also a provincial senator representing Northumbria, so she’s a prominent figure in Britannic politics and it wouldn’t do to snub someone like her at a party like this, even if she is unkind to Eon.

Not much else to say about this page, however. On a technical note, I did need to make some extra facial expressions for characters, because of course, as thorough as I thought I’d been, I didn’t have everything I needed. That’s always the case though; the dirty little secret about sprite comics (at least in my experience) is you never have all the sprites you need, and no matter how much prep you do, you’ll always have to make stuff on the fly.

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