April 7, 2022



Commentary for April 7, 2022:

Up until now, Iíve been mostly avoiding having characters use the kind of profanity you couldnít have on TV before 9:00 pm in the UK. Essentially, I wanted to keep the language in line with what the limits in official Sonic fiction appear to be. That is, by and large, still true, but Iím not averse to dropping the occasional ďshitĒ or even ďfuckĒ now and then if the situation calls for it. Itís something I want to be careful with, though; in the original Eonís Comic, I got to a point where the overuse of profanity was simply juvenile; it felt as awkward and out of place as the mild swearing in Shadow the Hedgehog and the more coarse language in Torchwood. Iím hoping I can do a better job of it now than when I was in my late teens and early twenties.

Anyways, how about that Darryl Fennec? If youíve read Vol. 2, youíll probably be familiar with him already. Now, Darryl didnít originally appear as early as this in Eonís Comic; he didnít make his first appearance until about four years after the original version of this story, in fact. But, given his later importance, I wanted to introduce him earlier so he wouldnít just show up out of nowhere then. I expect heíll be making a few more appearances here and there between now and when Eonís World Vol. 1 catches up to the point in the story where he originally debuted in Eonís Comic, but weíll see.

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