August 26, 2017


Commentary August 4, 2020:

As originally scripted, the final panel on this page was the first and the second panel was the last. But at the last minute, I decided to rearrange them so that the final panel of this season finale showed the Death Egg, rather than Eggman himself. I think it works better that way; first we see a familiar figure from behind, then they are revealed to indeed be Doctor Eggman, and finally we see that heís got a new Death Egg under construction and nearly ready to launch. That thing just wonít stay destroyed, will it?

Anyway, when I first made this page, I had not yet fully decided where Eggman was. You see, back in 2005, I got rid of Doctor Eggman from Eonís Comic; I fake killed him off and didnít bring him back until 2009. It was a very deliberate and calculated move to eliminate Sonicís principle antagonist (at least temporarily), thereby allowing my own villains and ultimately my own heroes to take the spotlight and move Eonís Comic away from being just a Sonic fancomic. If any of my readers had asked me the question, Iíd have insisted that Eggman was dead and gone and never coming back. It was a lie and I knew it. I always intended for him to return; in fact, I decided early on that heíd be gone for four years (long enough for people to genuinely believe he was dead), so when 2009 rolled around, his return was one of the first stories I wrote. But he was never actually dead, just dimensionally displaced.

Very early on, I introduced the idea that the SatAM version of Sonic existed in a parallel universe to the one Eonís Comic was set in, and had a whole story arc involving some of the SatAM characters getting stranded in the Eonís Comic world for a little while. And it was my plan all along that Eggman had disappeared into the SatAM universe after his ďdeathĒ in Eonís Comic #307. While there, he had taken over Mobius, much like the SatAM Robotnik before him, but had been steadily working towards returning to his own world for revenge.

But early in the development of Eonís World Vol. 2, I started to reconsider continuing that plot. In the time since Iíd exiled Eggman, Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure had both come out, featuring Blaze the Cat, a dimension-hopping princess who could fulfilmuch the same role as SatAMís Princess Sally had in Eonís Comic. And I kind of wanted to go with that instead in any continuation of the SatAM crossover. But I knew it was a major retcon and I wouldnít even be able to treat Eonís World Vol. 2 as a loose sequel to Eonís Comic if I went there.

So I was undecided and I pulled my punch with this scene. I put the Death Egg on an island next to the sea to make it plausible that this was Blazeís world (which is known for being largely made up of oceans and small islands), but I never explicitly said it was; that way, if I decided to go with the original story from Eonís Comic, this could still be SatAM Mobius. In the end, I wouldnít make a decision about this until 2018; in an attempt to remaster Eonís Comic, I replaced a prominent OC with Sally Acorn and replaced the SatAM crossover stories with a story arc featuring Blaze the Cat, and I also brought the Freedom Fighters in. This became the rough draft of a Blaze story arc in seasons 1 and 2 of Eonís World Vol. 1, the full blown remake of Eonís Comic, and solidified the location of Eggmanís exile as Blazeís world (which, in Eonís World, is the planet Avalice from the Freedom Planet series, and is on the opposite side of the galaxy, rather than being an unnamed world in another dimension).

So, long story short, Eggman is exiled on the planet Avalice, which is the home of Blaze the Cat and Sash Lilac, to say nothing of a whole litany of other colourful and interesting characters (who weíll be seeing in Chapter 11), and I wanted to make that clear in the revised script, rather than pulling my punch like before.

But with this final page of Chapter 7 updated, that is all the revisions I need to make to Eonís World Vol. 2 done. Iíll undoubtedly do a quick read over Chapters 8 through 10 to make sure thereís nothing in any of them that needs revising, but I think the work is done now. Itís quite a relief to finally be done with it. Once again, I apologise for taking so long finishing this chapter.

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