August 26, 2017


Commentary for August 4, 2020:

Itís kind of sad, really. This is probably the last time Ballista will canonically appear in Eonís World. The office of United Earth Chancellor will soon no longer exist, superseded by the President of the Terran Union, and Ballista will have essentially retired from public office then. She may make the occasional appearance now and then, but it will never again be in as significant a role as this. Any stories involving her as a msjor character now will only be in Vol. 1, which is all set before this. So why is that sad? Honestly, because Iíd only just found the right shade of pink for her at this point and wasnít going to get to use it again. Ainít that a shame?

Believe it or not, this was also the point at which I finalised the flag of the Terran Union. I had used a different flag design previously, but never really liked it. But when I finally settled on this, I was very pleased with it and that has become the official flag of the Terran Union since. I even went back to edit previous chapters to show this flag instead of the old design. The olive branches, obviously, symbolise peace, while the stars symbolise the sun and the four central planets of the Terran Union, along with their moons, which is why some of the stars are accompanied by smaller stars.

So, is this the last time weíll see of Kari-Ya? Honestly, I donít know. She isnít dead, so there are always possibilities of her return and I do have ideas of how Iíd bring her back. But, for now at least, her story is over.

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