Chapter 8, A Voice in the Dark - November 14, 2018


Commentary for November 14, 2018:

Over the years I never quite nailed down the rules of how things worked in Eonís Comic. At various times I based it on Star TrekStar WarsBabylon 5, and Mass Effect, but never explicitly stated in-universe what the rules were (so readers couldnít call me out for breaking them, I guess?). Hereís me making my making my first tentative steps into doing so for Eon's World, however. Thereís a healthy dose of Mass Effect in here still, but also a good dollop of Elite Dangerous, too, which are the primary inspirations for how the Nightstalker works. Hell, the weapons systems and the ejectable heat sinks are straight out of Elite Dangerous. But yeah, thereís a heavy SRV Normandy vibe going on here, as well.

Also, I think Delta is heckiní cute showing off the ship what she built. Look how excited she is to explain it all to Eon! Iíve been wanting to show this side of Delta for years -- the mechanical engineer side. This page was so much fun.

Fennecís story about the Nightstalkerís test stealth flight from panel 5, by the way, is based on an urban legend I heard once about the stealth tech used aboard the Royal Navyís Type 45 destroyers.

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