Chapter 8, A Voice in the Dark - November 14, 2018


Commentary for November 14, 2018:

Oh hi, CJ and Kathy! Long time no see!

Seriously, CJ Kitmyth and Katherine Elm are longstanding characters from Eonís World 1.0, who first appeared in its earliest days. (Indeed, as of the remaster, CJ first appears on page #001, along with Eon and Silky.) Sadly, neither of them has appeared in 2.0 until now. The story I wanted to tell (the final defeat of Echidna Empire) just didnít call for them. I didnít originally intended to include this scene in Chapter 8 either, but the following chapter will be heavily focused on these characters, so I felt it was important to get them established in 2.0 here, so they donít feel like theyíve just been created out of whole cloth in Chapter 9 to readers who havenít read 1.0.

But yeah, thereís a bit more referencing of stories from 1.0 here. Youíll find a lot of that in this chapter, and presumably the next, too. But Iíve tried my best to make sure reading those stories isnít necessary to understand whatís happening now.

A note on the art, though. Drawing angel wings is haaaaard! Why did I create a character with angel wings? Why did I let Chris talk me into giving his OC angel wings? Why? WHY? WHHHHYYYY?!

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