August 26, 2017


Commentary for August 4, 2020:

When writing the conclusion to a long story arc, I feel like it can be quite tricky to figure out just how to have the heroes win. What do they do to beat the villain? Do they have a showdown with them? And if so, how do they win that encounter? I don’t feel like a mere swordfight would have been narratively satisfying here, especially given that Sith are supposed to be such great badasses. Naturally, Kari-Ya, who has become terribly powerful, was going to kick all their butts here, so at some point in the creative process, I settled on Cookirini having this little relapse here and unleashing some dark side powers of her own, frying Kari-Ya’s cybernetics and leaving her completely helpless.

Given that I wrote this chapter over four years ago and made this particular page three years ago now, it would be wrong to suggest that this is a homage to anything I’ve made more recently. But in Chapter 30 of Eon’s World Vol. 1, Bunnie Rabbot’s cybernetics are similarly disabled -- not by Force lightning, but by an EMP grenade -- and I do believe I did that as deliberate foreshadowing of this moment, eight years in the future. I suppose you could call it a retroactive homage? Or am I just talking garbage? Can you even make a homage to your own work or is that just a reference? Anyway, my point is, a similar thing happened in the past of this setting to a different character who is also a cyborg, showing that cybernetics can be vulnerable to electrical damage.

But I digress. What I wanted to go for with this scene was a bit of a “victory, but at what cost?” thing. Sure, the heroes have defeated the villain, but only at the risk of Cookirini almost falling back to the darkl side herself. And let me tell you, that story is far from over.

Anyway, I am really quite pleased with the visuals on this page, particularly, panels 2 and 4. Panel 4 especially is still very much a “Mwah! Chef kiss!” moment for me, in both just how menacing Cookirini looks and how Kari-Ya looks like a puppet with its strings cut, completely helpless. I get very anxious about my artistic skills and that does hold me back sometimes. But things like this remind that my art can be good, actually.

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