August 26, 2017


Commentary for August 4, 2020:

Word balloon spacing can very frustrating. Sometimes I have to change the script to match the visuals I end up putting together, because thatís a lot easier to edit than a picture Iíve already finished drawing. As I recall, I had some real trouble positioning the word balloons in that first panel originally. Ideally, you want the order the dialogue is read in to be self-explanatory. A general rule of thumb with Western comics is that you read left to right/top to bottom, but itís not always that simple, so you want to position your word balloons in a way that guides the reader to intuit the correct order. I think Iím getting better at that and I hope panel 1 is fairly clear from the latest revisions, as Iíve tried to use more of the blank spaces in panels to fit word balloons in comfortably than cram them in to very tight spaces out of fear that the reading order wonít make any sense otherwise.

Talking of dialogue, I added a bit more to what Cookiriniís saying in panel 2, to give a bit more insight into who Kari-Ya is and what happened between these two characters, since that story isnít anywhere online right now and wonít be until Eonís World Vol. 1 gets there. Really, Vol. 2 is, in some ways, like the original Star Wars trilogy and Vol. 1 is like the prequels, just with a smaller time gap between them... or maybe itís more like the old expanded universe, given that it covers so much more than just the stuff leading into Vol. 2? Then again, given how social justicey Vol. 1 is, I expect some might say itís more like the sequel trilogy than anything. (And for the record, I love the sequel trilogy. Donít @ me.)

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