November 30, 2013


Commentary for November 30, 2013:

So, I decided to hell with it, and changed the colour of the curtains to a different shade of red. I may go back and edit the previous pages at some point to conform to this. We'll see. I think it looks better this way.

This page took a lot longer to do than I had hoped. Generally speaking, pages are taking me about a week to do, but this one ran over that time into this week, which had me a bit concerned that I would start running up against the deadline. Fortunately, the next page isn't taking nearly as long and I should be able to get back on track relatively quickly. I'm not terribly enamoured of the final panel's view of outside, which is a similar technique to what I used on Page 3.8, where I don't really show anything outside the window, apart from some lights... Or a bar of light...

Yeah. That doesn't work for me after all, so from the next page onwards, expect better!

Addendum for October 5, 2019:

In order to bring the format of the earlier chapters into line with Chapter 7 onwards, Iíve made an updated version of this page, which is larger, with clearer text. Hopefully, this will make the earlier chapters easier to read.

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