December 7, 2013


Commentary for December 7, 2013:

I have a new favourite page after completing this one! Not only does it look fairly awesome, it only took me four days to do, which was brilliant after the previous page overran the time I had allotted to do it in. Doing this page and the next one, I figured out that it's characters that really slow me down. If a panel has a lot of characters in it, it's probably going to take a while.

But as you can see, I managed to fix the problem I was having with displaying what's outside the building. Really, the problem was trying to work with a SketchUp model of the entire city of Roma Nova, which is about one hundred square kilometres. SketchUp did not like me trying to work on such minute detail on such a huge model, so I basically cut the part of the city out that I needed and worked on that. And it meant such stunning vistas as panel 3 were possible!

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