November 2, 2013


Commentary for November 2, 2013:

And here is Neverman's speech! Well, part of it. I'm afraid you may not get to hear the whole thing, as it looks as if it's about to be interrupted. What a pity.

I'm not too pleased with how Neverman turned out in panel 1 of this page, but I guess he could look worse. As far as the backgrounds go, however, I'm pretty pleased, particularly in panel 7, with Tivo'Xa and Thoronir running down the corridor. I think it was looking ahead at what would be required for this page that made me settle on altering my approach to backgrounds, as I knew I'd want cables in the control booth. Sure, I could have just drawn them in on top of the SketchUp backgrounds, but the art styles would have clashed. No, I'm convinced now that doing it this way looks better. The art is consistent now between characters and backgrounds, which I much prefer. It takes a little longer, but not as long as I feared and it's totally worth it.

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