June 26, 2021



Commentary for June 26, 2021:

This page took me a lot longer to complete than Iíd hoped and, honestly, itís the reason this chapter didnít start until June. Originally, Iíd planned to start Chapter 11 on May 19, but a week before that, I was still working on this page and worried that subsequent pages would take just as long or longer, so I decided I needed more time. Would you believe that it was the first panel that took the longest to complete? It may not be a big panel, but Iíve found itís never the size of a panel that matters, but the level of detail in it. An establishing shot of Knothole, a village in a forest, was always going to take a lot of time to complete, no matter how big it was.

Anyways, if youíve not read the previous season of Eonís World Vol. 2, you really ought to go back and read it for a bit more context, particularly concerning the warp rings. In season 1, the Echidna Empire and their renegade Martian allies used warp rings to move ships instantly around the Sol system, allowing them to strike suddenly and without warning. It was a major plot point, although, looking back, I really wish Iíd given a bit focus to the rings themselves and not just the portal generators they were being used as components of. You can just about make out the ring, blown up to its full size in one of the backgrounds on this page, but thatís the only time I actually showed a warp ring in season 1. If I did those chapters again, Iíd do them differently. But thatís why I wanted to have this scene here, with the rings recovered from the Echidna Empire fully on display. They will be important later, so watch this space.

Additionally, a lot of this chapter is actually setup for stuff coming in Chapter 13 and beyond, so the other function of this scene is to show that the Freedom Fighters still exist, theyíre still based in Knothole in the Great Forest, and Tails is still one of them, still doing the science and engineering thing. And even though Sally isnít an active member right now, given that sheís now the President of the Terran Union, she keeps lines of communication with her old team open so she can stay up to date with them and what theyíre doing. In fact, this whole scene is largely exposition so you, the reader, can be filled in on the current status of the Freedom Fighters. You wonít be seeing much of anyone else on the team besides Tails in this chapter, but the others, who are still actively involved, are coming in Chapter 13. Iím not sure I want to spoil who they are just yet, though.

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