June 30, 2021



Commentary for June 30, 2021:

A lot of this page is really just namedropping characters to give a few hints as to who is doing what these days. Remember, this is set about a decade after the events of Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 and a lot happened in the intervening years; not everyone who was once a Freedom Fighter is still an active member of the team. We saw in Chapter 9 that Antoine is Sallyís chief of security, but we havenít seen Bunnie, Rotor, Tekno, Johnny, Amy, or any of the other Freedom Fighters who are active as of season 2 in Vol. 1, to say nothing of Sonic himself.

And that brings me to my next point. Readers who read Eonís Comic back in the day may remember something that happened to Sonic towards the end of that series. I shanít reveal it here, because I donít want to risk spoiling things, but I will advise any legacy readers to forget what you remember about where Eonís Comic left off with Sonic. When the story gets there in Vol. 1 (which is a remake of Eonís Comic), things will happen much as they did originally, but the outcome wonít be quite the same. In any case, we arenít going to get there for a long time and Chapter 13 will shed more light on those events and we will reach Chapter 13 long before we get to... whatever season thatíll be in...? Maybe season 10...? I honestly havenít written Vol. 1 plans for that far ahead yet.

In any case, in Vol. 2, Chapter 13, youíll get to see the current status of the Freedom Fighters, whoís an active member, whoís retired, whoís no longer with us, et cetera. Hopefully Chapter 13 will come next year, but Iím not fool enough to make any promises like that. Honestly, this chapter has been a slog and weíre not even halfway through it yet.

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