June 23, 2021



Commentary for June 23, 2021:

When I started writing Eonís World Vol. 2, I had no intention of creating Vol. 1. I would leave the old sprite comic, Eonís Comic, as it was and use it as a basic background to the story I was telling, trusting that my readers would understand that some of the general lore and worldbuilding had been retconned. There were two problems with that, though.

The first problem is that I just expected the same folks whoíd been reading classic Eonís Comic to return for Vol. 2, rather than new readers whoíd never read any of my previous work. Now, I have tried to write this series in a way that doesnít require any prior knowledge going in by explaining what needs to be explained as and when it comes up. But thereís only so far that can take you. So much of the story, especially in season 1, is built upon the stories originally told in Eonís Comic. Indeed, itís largely because my girlfriend wanted to read those stories that I tried remastering Eonís Comic in 2018, which ultimately led to me remaking it as Eonís World Vol. 1, which is an ongoing project and will be for several years to come. No regrets, though, because I think Vol. 1 slaps.

But that leads to our second problem. Vol. 1 isnít finished and wonít be for a long time yet. That means thereís going to be moments like this where people refer back to events that have yet to be shown. Spoilers, essentially. In just those first two panels, Sally has revealed several things that are going to happen in Vol. 1. Since Vol. 2 is built upon the events of Vol. 1, that kind of spoiler is sort of unavoidable, but I can at least keep these references a little vague for the most part. After all, I think the journey is often more interesting than the destination in storytelling. You may know how an event turned out in the end, but not necessarily what the heroes went through to get there.

Anyway, itís Cream the Rabbit and Cheese the Chao!

I hadnít originally planned to include Cream and Cheese in this chapter at all, but the idea just came to me as I was writing the script. I needed a good segue between this scene and the next and I figured it was inappropriate to have Nicole remind Sally to call Tails only a few beats after Sally had literally told her sheís got more important stuff to deal with than handling her diary, so I decided to throw in a presidential staffer. Originally, this would have just been a generic nobody, but I decided instead to give the role to Cream and she and Cheese tend to come as a package deal, which is why theyíre also here. Thereís a reason for this change, which I hope will become apparent as the chapter goes on, so I will refrain from saying any more about it just now. In any case, for anybody wondering, with few exceptions, Sonic the Hedgehog characters in Eonís World were their official ages in the year 3231 (which is when the classic MegaDrive era games took place in this seriesí continuity -- because I do not subscribe to Sega canon that separates the classic and modern era); it is now the year 3242, eleven years later, which makes Cream (who is officially six) now seventeen. This is why she looks older and also why Cheese has evolved into a light chao, because they are also older now.

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