June 19, 2021



Commentary for June 19, 2021:

Fun fact: This was actually the first scene I wrote in the script to Chapter 11, but I decided later that it could use something more, which is why I added the cold open on Avalice, which will become relevant again in a few pages. But the fallout of President Roskoís death is something Iíd been planning for years, from even long before I decided to include Sally and the Freedom Fighters in Eonís World. You can read more about what led to that here.

Whatís changed from the original plans is the details. When I first wrote the script to Chapters 8, 10, and 12, they were one massive Chapter 8, 72 pages long. I had no intention of looking in on events on Earth again until after that chapter concluded, but during the process of drawing Chapter 8, I became quite overwhelmed. It was a lot of work, it was going to take a long time, and I just couldnít stay focused on it; so I decided to split it into three separate chapters, with other stories sandwiched in between, starting with Chapter 9. And much like Chapter 9, Eon was supposed to be directly involved in the events of this chapter in my original plans. He would return to Earth to find himself accused of murdering President Rosko, putting the President of the Terran Union, a personal friend, into a terrible predicament. But since Eonís not back from his mission into deep space yet, heís not here to defend himself or answer any questions.

But thatís probably the only part of this chapter that I had any firm plans about years ahead of time. The rest is stuff Iíve had vague ideas about, but only really solidified in the last two or three years, and much of it only really became possible because of decisions I made in 2018. (Once again, Iíd refer you to the commentaries to page 9.10.)

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