June 16, 2021



Commentary for June 16, 2021:

It may be that I havenít done any serious work on Vol. 2 in over a year now, but I wasnít happy with how the art was turning out over the last four pages. Thatís no longer the case. I am quite pleased with how this page has turned out, especially that first panel. And I have no complaints at all over how Iíve drawn Nicole in panels 2 and 4. Heck, even Sally looks all right, and Iíve always found her a little tricky to draw.

Speaking of Sally and Nicole, you may have noticed that Iíve revised their designs a little since they last appeared in Chapter 9, two years ago. Iíve drawn Nicole essentially as she appeared in the Archie Sonic comics as of issue 252, with just the addition of visible joints to indicate that her body is robotic, rather than holographic. Previously, Iíd simplified her outfit a bit, but I decided to just say to heck with it and put her in the outfit she wore in the official comics. Whoís to say she doesnít have more than one outfit, after all? Same deal with Sally, really. Here sheís wearing an outfit based on a drawing I did of her for Pride 2019, slightly modified to remove the sleeves and replace the gold cuffs with her ringblade bands. And yes, those are her ringblades, dear readers; if youíve read Vol. 1, youíll even know when she got those now. Of course, if you havenít read Vol. 1, first of all, what are you doing? Youíre missing out on some of my best writing ever! Go check it out! But secondly, you may have noticed that Sallyís tail is a lot smaller than when she last appeared. In Chapter 9, when Sally made her true debut in Eonís World, I had reimagined her as a squirrel, rather than a chipmunk, given that she was originally based on the Ricky squirrel released from some Badniks in the classic Sonic games. But early in writing Vol. 1, shortly after wrapping up Chapter 9, I went back on that decision and went with her more conventional chipmunk portrayal. Here itís a retcon. I have considered going back to Chapter 9 and editing the art to replace her squirrel tail with a chipmunk one (I could do it relatively easily), but Iím not sure itís necessary, because retcons happen. Sally was originally pink in the official comics, after all.

The presidential house in panel 1 is based on a background sprite I made of the same building back in the days of Eonís Comic, albeit rendered as a full 3D model, which I was able to use as a guide for that first panel. I deliberately framed that panel to evoke the same kind of establishing shot Iíd have made for Eonís Comic back in the day. Indeed, those kind of establishing shots can be found often in Eonís World Vol. 1, now, too. That said, I am considering using a lot of more 3D modelling for backgrounds in Vol. 1 going forwards, so it would be quite amusing if those sprites never got reused for Vol. 1 when the story gets far enough along.

Anyway, enough about the art. What about the story? Well, if you missed it, the issue here is the fallout from something that happened in Chapter 10, as indicated in panel 3. President Rosko of the Cornerian Federation has been murdered and the Cornerians believe Eon Squirrel is the killer; so, naturally, they want him extradited to face justice for his alleged crime, but Sally, President of the Terran Union, is having none of it. More on that on Saturday...

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