June 12, 2021



Commentary for June 12, 2021:

I was a little disappointed with some of my art on the previous pages. Not going to lie, but Iíve lost a lot of confidence in my art over the last year or so and Iím trying to get it back. But the older I get, the less I expect to see much improvement, really. And maybe I just need to get comfortable with it. I will never be as good an artist as the likes of Dan Shive or Amber Williams, and I need to accept that. But sometimes I manage to pull off something like panel 5 there and I think, ďYeah. thatís not bad.Ē

I havenít drawn water much before, to say nothing of a boat cutting through ocean waves, so Iím honestly quite proud of what I managed here. Weíll see if I still feel the same way a year from now, I guess.

Anyway, enough artistís angst.

If you didnít guess who the masked bandits were, donít worry about it, and donít worry if you didnít recognise Spade now heís unmasked either. He and the Red Scarves are characters from the Freedom Planet game series. Iíve covered this in more detail in commentaries for Vol. 1, so Iíll keep it brief here: In Eonís World, Blaze the Catís homeworld is not in a parallel universe; it is another planet in this universe on the opposite side of the galaxy to Earth/Mobius. Itís also the planet Avalice from Freedom Planet, so characters from that series, like Spade here, also inhabit Blazeís world along with her and characters like Gardon. More on that as this chapter progresses.

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