December 28, 2019



Commentary for December 28, 2019:

Oh heck! After all this time, I finally get to show a smaller craft launching from one of the Invincibleís flight pods. And this is actually a new craft to Eonís World. This is a Starling class military shuttle. Now, unlike shuttlecraft from Star Trek, which are often very small, this is quite a big shuttle, with enough space on board for at least 18 people, and enough room left over for an airlock, so passengers can suit up for hostile environments. And that brings me to the next thing...

I went back and forth on this for a while, but I eventually decided that this planet would not have a breathable atmosphere (at least not to Terran lifeforms). Itís a long running narrative conceit of franchises like Star Trek that so many planets the characters visit just happen to have breathable atmospheres, even when theyíre barren wastelands under orange skies, with no sign of anything that could have produced oxygen in the right quantity for humans to survive in the first place. We know why, of course; not having to put the actors in space suits every time they visit a barren planet saves on the costume budget.

I didnít want to do that. But I didnít want to put the landing party in space suits either. Iíve done it once before and I didnít care for it. I got them out of those helmets ASAP. So, I took a leaf out of Mass Effect 2ís book and put simple, translucent breathers on the characters here, so we can still see their faces, but assume the atmosphere here is not breathable. The pressure and the temperature, however, are tolerable and there are no dangerous corrosives that could harm them. I imagine itís a largely carbon dioxide atmosphere of similar density to Earthís. They would suffocate without breathers, but otherwise theyíre safe.

Well, safe from the atmosphere. Whateverís just got Eon might be another story...

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