November 6, 2019


Commentary for November 6, 2019:

Za HíLet, like Jayna Liddy, first appeared in Eonís Comic over eleven years ago now and, although heís not yet had the opportunity to do anything significant in any of my writings, his character has been strongly defined in my mind all this time and it is delightful to finally be doing something with him. He will, of course, make his earliest canonical appearance in Eonís World when Vol. 1 reaches the point at which he originally appeared in Eonís Comic, and I may give him a slightly bigger role when we get there, but I havenít planned quite that far ahead yet.

As originally conceived, Za was based on an Andorian, as Iíd been watching a lot of Star Trek: Enterprise at the time I created him, and I enjoyed the recurring character, Shran. Now, thereís no reason why I couldnít have just populated the galaxy of Eonís World with species from Star Trek, but that would take a lot of more explaining than I was interested in doing. So, when it came to actually drawing characters of this species for Eonís World Vol. 2, I changed the antennae into horns. Iím afraid I donít have a name for Zaís species yet and I may never. Much like Yoda, itís not actually important what species he is. If that changes, Iíll come up with something. Of course, I know itís been a long time since then, but heís not the first of his species to appear in Eonís World, either. That honour belongs to Talsíha, one of the Terran Jedi council, who we last saw in Chapter 2.

Eonís internal monologue in the first three panels was meant to mirror this scene from Chapter 8, where Delta is having similar doubts about what sheís trying to do. I feel like I may have gone a little overboard with the text, especially considering how it completely obscurs most of the background characters in the first two panels. I had drawn some nice looking characters on paper, but given how theyíd be covered up by the word balloons in the script as written, I did them in silhouette in the final, digitized panels. I floated the first panel or two by a couple of friends, who both independently suggested perhaps leaving the first panel completely silent to remedy this, but I also wanted to show Eon being overwhelmed with thoughts of self-doubt. Undervaluing himself is a problem Eon has always suffered from, after all.

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