November 2, 2019


Commentary for November 2, 2019:

I didnít mention it on the last page, because the commentary started running a little long, but blue wine! I guess itís a bit of a sci-fi trope, really, to have exotically coloured beverages. Iím thinking of stuff like Romulan ale, of course. But I digress. Corneria is very much an Earth-like planet -- itís populated entirely by Mobians, so undoubtedly a lot of other plant and animal life that is also found on Earth can be found there, too. But it is still an alien planet, and it has some unique flora and fauna, which includes fruits you can make a blue wine from, just like red and white grapes are used to red and white wines. How does it taste? No idea. I donít actually drink, myself, so I donít even know what real wine tastes like, to say nothing of Cornerian blue wine.

Anyway, there isnít a whole lot else to say about this page. Itís mostly here to introduce Vice President Steele to the readers, because he is going to become an important character in future chapters. So, watch this space!

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