November 9, 2019


Commentary for November 9, 2019:

One of the things thatís always bugged me about the Jedi as they are portrayed in Star Wars (particularly in the era depicted in the prequel trilogy and the Clone Wars cartoon) is their attitude towards emotional attachments. They forbid romantic relationships and even warn against masters becoming too attached to their apprentices, as if that kind of close, almost parental relationship isnít going to create some level of attachment. Instead, they are taught to let go of those whom theyíve lost or fear to lose. Itís always framed as protecting a Jedi from the kind of impulses that would lead them to the dark side. But if you ask me, it wasnít love that made Anakin Skywalker become Darth Vader; it was the Jedi Orderís prohibition against his relationship with Padmť Amidala that drove him into the arms of the only person he felt he could trust -- Sheev Palpatine, who was all too eager to exploit this weakness to bring down the Jedi Order. But it neednít have been a weakness if the Jedi had just accepted that people need to be allowed to love. Anakin would probably have been a lot less messed up if heíd been able to confide in Obi-Wan or any other Jedi master about his relationship, especially if they too had been allowed to pursue romantic relationships.

The Galactic Jedi Order is not the same as the Jedi Order under the Galactic Republic in Star Wars and its relationship with Jedi of the Galaxy Far Far Away is not something I intend to ever explore in any detail. (They're a very distant descendent of them -- that's all you need to know.) What matters is that Jedi in Eonís World can love, although some of the more traditional do frown upon it. Relationships, marriages, children, et cetera are all considered part of the natural life cycles and cultures of many beings, and it would be wrong to forbid them. But thatís not exactly what Za is talking about. In his mind, Eon became a Jedi for no more noble reason than protecting the things he cared about, which seems possessive and greedy to him. Of course Eonís reasons are more complicated than have been covered here, but then Za did put him on the spot a bit when he could tell that he was getting upset. And that, of course, was entirely deliberate.

Anyway, Darius Vasque is another character returning from the heydays of Eonís Comic. He got very little screentime back in 2008 and honestly wonít be getting a whole lot more here, but itís nice to see some of these characters I made so long ago finally resurfacing.

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