August 17, 2022



Commentary for August 17, 2022:

Now this part here is actually pretty faithful to the original story. Shadow stole the Master Emerald, causing and Angel Island to fall out of the sky again, believing it would provide him with “answers”. What those answers may be, however, you’ll need to keep reading to find out. Yes, I’m a tease. What of it?

Anyway, fun fact and very minor spoilers, but this is actually the last time the Master Emerald will be ever stolen from Angel Island in Eon’s World. As a narrative device or an inciting incident to involve Knuckles in the story, having someone steal the Master Emerald is, in my opinion, pretty tiresome. So you might wonder why I bothered doing it a second time in Eon’s World if I feel that way, and that is a fair question, but I like to think I’ve come up with reason enough, as you will soon see. And long term, this particular theft will pay dividends in terms of story outcomes.

Yes, “outcomes” plural.

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