August 18, 2022



Commentary for August 18, 2022:

Fun fact, those ships in the first panel are very minor edits to a ship sprite I first created in 2005. If it ainít broke and all that.

Anyway, you might have been wondering why this chapter started with Sally winning the election and then cut to three pages of unrelated shenanigans on Angel Island. And I might reply that, if this were a story like Game of Thrones, there might be multiple seasons of seemingly unrelated narrative threads going on at the same time that only really come together towards the end. But as much as invoke it, this isnít Game of Thrones, and the two narrative threads of this chapter are about to come together.

Now this particular scene, as well as the previous one on Angel Island all originally took place in Eonís Comic #151, whereas the election result happened in #150. Multiples of fifty are often treated as milestones in comics, but I donít remember if calling the election result on that particular page was deliberate or not. I know I tried to do something special for every hundredth page and I definitely treated #50 as a milestone, but I didnít really do anything special with #250, #350, #450, etc. So I really couldnít tell you now if that was planned or just serendipity. In any case, Chapter 42 is not a special number. Yes, I know it is the Answer, it is also my lucky number (and not because it is the Answer, but for more obscure reasons), but itís not really a milestone.

Chapter 50, on the other hand...

Oh yes, I should be remiss if I failed to mention the new Bunnie Rabbot sprites making their debut on this page. Yes, even after making a whole set of fancy new sprites for her specially for this season, I have already made new ones. But then, I did make that first new set nearly two years ago now, shortly after wrapping up season 2. You can learn a lot in two years (especially two years spent mostly making new sprites).

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