August 16, 2022



Commentary for August 16, 2022:

Now here is a character who could have easily stayed away for a while. In fact, he did. Shadow the Hedgehog last appeared in Chapter 17 at the end of season 1; he didnít appear at all in season 2. That was a deliberate choice on my part, for Shadow to be absent all of season 2, but it was also faithful to the story as originally told in Eonís Comic.

Now, as you may recall from the commentaries to Chapter 17, Shadow actually died in the version of that story told in Eonís Comic back in 2003 and I originally had no intention of ever bringing him back. As Iíve said previously, I did not like Shadow back then and I had been very disappointed by his sudden heel-face-turn at the eleventh hour in Sonic Adventure 2. Thatís why, for his original arc in Eonís Comic, Shadow was an unapologetic villain from start to finish; I was basically trying to fix what I saw as a mistake in SA2 and, once Shadowís story was done, that would be it for him.

But then a game called Sonic Battle came out for the Gameboy Advance and it had some really nice Shadow sprites in it that I wished Iíd been able to use. So I brought him back. Yes, it was entirely because there were now some cool official Shadow sprites, whereas before there had only been fanmade ones. (Ironic, isnít it? As a 17-year-old, I craved official sprites; but at 36, pretty much all my character sprites are now fanmade.)

So at this point in the original story, Shadow returned as a result of Knuckles accidentally striking the Master Emerald with Thunder Arrow while fighting Rouge. There was never any real explanation for it, beyond very hand-wavy Master Emerald magic, but Shadow was back and this time I like to think I did a much better job of writing him than Iíd done before. Certainly, he was no longer the unrepentant villain he had been in his first arc, but more of an antihero like he is in official fiction. In fact, if I recall correctly, I think I retconned it so that the villainous Shadow whoíd appeared previously had been some kind of corrupt temporal duplicate, whereas this Shadow was the genuine article.

Well, this time, itís nothing so confusing. Here, Shadow never died and this guy is the same one we last saw in Chapter 17, where he and Sonic parted amicably in what I still feel is one of the best chapters of Eonís World to date. Iím very proud of what I wrote back in 2019.

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