August 15, 2022



Commentary for August 15, 2022:

So, this isnít actually the first time Iíve used the 3D model of the Temple of Chaos in Eonís World Vol. 1. I originally created this model back in 2014 for Vol. 2, but I decided to us it in a little experiment back in Vol. 1, Chapter 29, where it was visible in the background of a few panels. Iím not sure whether or not I knew then that Iíd end up using it and many other 3D models as sets the way Iíve started to this season, but maybe that was me laying the foundations for what I do now.

Now, I had a little trouble with this page, actually, and it wasnít what you might expect. It was actually the Master Emerald sprite. Given that Iíve switched to bigger, higher resolution, more detailed sprites of characters, I wanted to do the same for... well, ideally everything, but Iíd never get this comic done if I tried that. Still, I want to do it for props the characters interact with, like the Chaos Emeralds, like the Master Emerald, etc. But while there are plenty of Chaos Emerald sprites out there, including ones that were the right size and resolution for me to use with only a little tweaking first, there just isnít one of the Master Emerald. So I was going to have to create my own, and that took a lot of trial and error to get right. Eventually, I went back to a custom sprite I made for Eonís Comic back in like 2009 or something and used the same basic style and technique to create this new one. I donít think itís perfect, but never let the perfect be the enemy of the good; because it is good and it will do.

Anyway, Knuckles is back! Of course he couldnít stay away for long, could he? Heís one of my favourite Sonic characters, after all.

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