August 12, 2022



Commentary for August 12, 2022:

Welcome to Chapter 42, ĎA Thief in the Nightí.

Like some previous chapters, this one is stitched together from two separate stories told in the original Eonís Comic at the end of 2003. When it came to planning this chapter, I decided more-or-less immediately that there was no need to dedicate a whole chapter to Sallyís election win, so I instead made it the backdrop for events that weíll be coming to in the next page.

Fun fact, in the original story, there were three candidates at the election. In addition to Mega Man, Vanilla the Rabbit was a candidate. I didnít know much about her at the time, since I hadnít really experienced any media with her in it, but I would later come to realise that she is a kind and loving woman with a heart of gold, and she wouldnít be running against someone like Sally, because the two would probably agree on most issues. But if youíve ever wondered why Vanilla is the Governor of Westside Archipelago in Eonís World, hereís the reason; it is a vestige of her role in Eonís Comic, where she was a very understated politician. When I began writing Vol. 1, I took that and changed it a little, making her a friend and ally to the progressive candidate, rather than an opponent. If Iíd shown any more of Sallyís election campaign than the debate in Chapter 40, I might have shown Vanilla endorsing Sally. Indeed, itís fair to say that she absolutely did during the campaign.

But this does bring up a question, some of you may be asking. Or is it just me? Itís probably just me. But that question is, why were there only two candidates at this election? At the previous election we saw, the one for President of the United Federation shown in Chapters 5 and 8, there were three candidates, one for each of the three major parties. Why, in this election, was there only a Conservative and a Progressive candidate, but not a Social Democrat? After all, isnít President Mortimer a Social Democrat? Sure, maybe heís reached his term limit, but someone else from his party would surely have run to succeed him?

Well, they did. But they were eliminated in an earlier round of voting. The Meridian electoral system has multiple rounds of voting, where the lowest scoring candidates are disqualified and drop from the race, so an election always ends in a face off between two candidates. You may recall that Samanfur the Fox was elected Federal President only with a plurality of the vote, not an outright majority, and itís a legitimate criticism of the first-past-the-post system that itís not very democratic if the winner of an election didnít actually get a majority of the votes. Meridiaís system is designed to avoid that problem, by ensuring that there are only two candidates to choose from in the final round of votes, so whoever wins will have a majority. This is why there were only two candidates in the part of the election we actually saw. But we didnít see the whole campaign, because... I just didnít want to cover it and it wouldnít really have added anything to the overall story if I did.

Still, as a fun note, you might recognise one or two of the faces in the background of that first panel. All kinds of folks wind up volunteering to help with election campaigns, after all.

But weíve had a quite time skip, havenít we? At the start of the season, it was only August. Chapter 39 then jumped to late October, and Chapter 40 to mid December. Now, in Chapter 42, itís New Yearís Eve. But why? Honestly, itís probably just to highlight how uneventful things have been since the Freedom Fighters took down both Doctor Eggman and General Davis. That left the Echidna Empire as the only major bad guys still in play, and theyíre not going to have a new scheme every week, are they?

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