July 28, 2022



Commentary for July 28, 2022:

Hereís a thing Iíve noticed in modern comics; you donít tend to get inner monologues from characters. In fact, on the occasions I do see them, Iím always a little surprised and taken aback by them. What you tend to see instead of thought bubbles these days are characters narrating, a little bit like how Silver was doing at the start of Chapter 39. This is a very common narrative tool that was used in the run of Transformers comics written by John Barber between 2011 and 2018. I have to admit, sometimes it feels a little pretentious, but it works when itís done well. But that kind of character narration is often the only way we, the reader, get to know what a character is thinking.

So, in a mainstream, published comic, I imagine a scene like this wouldnít tell us what Sonicís thinking, unless he was narrating... which he wouldnít be, because heís not the protagonist of this story. Instead, weíd get four panels of Sonic doing stuff in complete silence. Maybe Iím working from an old-fashioned mindset here that says itís okay to show a characterís inner monologue, or maybe itís actually a lack of confidence that the pictures can give my readers the necessary context on their own. Maybe itís both.

Itís probably both.

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