July 29, 2022



Commentary for July 29, 2022:

This was the first scene from the original version of this story, told in the 2018 remaster of Eonís Comic. It was actually really tricky to write, as well, despite having kind of already written it. Of course, in 2018, my space to work with was a lot more limited, but I also didnít want this scene to last more than a single page, so I could expand upon what was there, but within a strictly self-imposed limit. But what was really difficult for me to figure out was what Horatio had to say about the Echidna Empire, about the relationship between the United Federation and echidnas, and about the duties of everyone in the Echidna Empire towards their people. I can be incredibly verbose, especially when writing a character soapboxing and, like I said, I wanted this scene to be contained to one page.

Anyway, the aim of this page was to help give a little insight into both Kari-Ya and Horatioís perspectives on the Echidna Empire and their respective roles within it. Iím not going to waste any time here making the subtext text, however, so Iíll just move onto the behind-the-scenes stuff. This page was super quick and easy to make. In fact, I think the only thing that slowed my progress at all was probably the fact that I was still getting the feel for the new mouse I had to buy just a few days prior, after my old one (and by old, I mean nearly twelve years old) finally gave up the ghost.

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