July 26, 2022



Commentary for July 26, 2022:

And here comes the spin. I did consider having a line in here somewhere about people on the right calling the attack a false flag operation to boost Sallyís popularity, but I couldnít find a way to fit it in, so I just had Haig making a statement and taking the opportunity to attack Sally on security policy. Now, for that final scene, I hadnít intended to show an exterior shot of the Death Egg, but come on. The Death Egg was revealed at the end of season 2, so why be coy about it now?

Anyway, there isnít a great deal to say about how this chapter compares with the original 2003 version and the 2018 remaster that I havenít already said. I did cut down on following Sally on the campaign trail, though, because in the original version, there was another story following Eon doing some campaign work for her, which also involved Cookirini. It would have been nice to see her back again by now, but donít worry; sheís still a senator for Meridia in the United Federation Congress, so weíll be seeing plenty of her again before too long. The reason why I cut that story, honestly, was because I didnít think it was all that exciting, and it involved Sally making reopening the ARK as a research station a major part of her platform. But the ARK doesnít belong to Meridia; it belongs to the entire United Federation, so weíll be picking up on that thread in an upcoming chapter, but Sallyís presidential campaign wasnít the place for it.

However, there was also a fairly shady aspect to Cookiriniís involvement and the help she offered the campaign in the original story and, frankly, I donít want Sally to win by underhanded means... assuming she does, but again, come on. Sure, thereís an aspect of gritty realism to that and it raises the question of whether or not itís right for the good side in an election to use questionable electoral tactics if it gets them the result they need (especially when the other side has no qualms about doing the same or worse), but I didnít want to turn this into a multi-chapter West Wing style story arc.

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