July 25, 2022



Commentary for July 25, 2022:

In the original draft of the script, the fight scene was just that one big panel on the last page, and we cut to the aftermath straight from there. There was a scene in which Sally talked with Johnny, Eon, and CJ about the evening’s excitement and the influence it was having on poll numbers and I just did not like what I was writing. Yes, Sally’s running for president and she needs to be concerned with poll numbers, but I don’t think she or any of the others here would immediately think, “What’s this doing for our PR?” The good natures of these characters were constantly fighting against the script I was writing, and ultimately that prompted me to do the re-write the next day and nix that scene entirely. In this moment, the safety and wellbeing of the people in the building are all that matter to the Freedom Fighters.

Of course, not everyone thinks that way, which is why you have the secret service agent making that comment in panel 5. Is it inappropriate or unprofessional for her to say that? Probably, yeah. But she’s saying it quietly to Sally, not in front of crowds of people or anything, and she feels as if Sally needs some reassurance and encouragement after this ordeal, especially in light of how quickly Haig left the building. (Yes, I know I said that Haig getting himself to safety shouldn’t reflect poorly on him, because it was the best thing he could do in the event; but that doesn’t mean everybody in the setting will think that way.)

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