July 22, 2022



Commentary for July 22, 2022:

This cutaway to the news report on whatís happening inside the studio is pretty faithful to the 2018 remaster, although in that case, there was a panel where the broadcast actually got cut off. I didnít include it in this version, however, because the Badniks never actually get out of the auditorium, nor had they made any attempt to cut, jam, or otherwise disrupt the transmission.

But I did want to make a point of showing Haig being escorted to safety and juxtapose that with Sally facing the danger head-on. Now, thatís not to say that Haig is a coward or unfit to lead in a crisis or anything like that; he doesnít have a military background or any combat training, so the best thing he can do in this situation is get to safety and let people who know what theyíre doing handle it. Thatís not actually a point against him at all. But Sally calling upon her experience as the leader of the Freedom Fighters and taking charge in a crisis like this is absolutely points in her favour.

Ah yes, Iíd be remiss if I didnít talk about Johnny taking on the role of Sallyís campaign director. In the 2018 remaster, I cast an OC in the role, but she was one of those characters whose creator Iíd lost touch with long ago and Iíd therefore decided it would be inappropriate for me to continue using their character. At this point, itís been over two years since I made the initial plans for this chapter and I donít actually recall if I had someone besides Johnny in mind. But the reason why Johnny is Sallyís campaign director and will go on to have a role in her administration (if she wins) is because I wanted to give him something more to do, and something a bit different. As an active member of the Freedom Fighters, itís all too easy for him to just get lost in the noise, because Johnny, frankly, isnít that distinctive a character and never really has been. Even in Sonic the Comic, where he was part of the regular cast and a core member of the Freedom Fighters, he didnít have a lot going on, really. He was just the rabbit with the leather jacket and the staff. The most interesting thing they ever did with him, in my opinion, was the Agent X story arc, and that had a very disappointing ending. In any case, I decided to remove him from the active duty roster of the Freedom Fighters in order to give him a chance to stand out on his own. I hope I will be able to do a good job of that.

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