July 21, 2022



Commentary for July 21, 2022:

I got to thinking that a total of thirty-six years in politics is quite a long time, really. I mean, I literally am thirty-six years old as I type this. So how old must Haig be if heís been in politics as long as Iíve been alive? Honestly, not that old. If he first got elected to parliament at say twenty-five, heíd only be sixty-one now, which is not old for a presidential candidate. Just look at how ancient the typical candidate for president is in the United States; theyíre typically in their seventies or even older (for instance, at the time of writing, current US President, Joe Biden is a few months shy of eighty). And frankly, I imagine Haig getting his start in politics closer to thirty-five, in which case heíd be seventy-one years old now, which isnít unusually old at all, compared to the real world.

Anyway, why did the Badniks burn through the screen? Why, for the theatrics, of course. They could have just shot Sally through the screen and taken her completely unawares, but thatís not how Doctor Eggman works. He wants his enemies to know it was he who beat them, and his Badniks sing from the same hymn sheet, which is why they make the dramatic display and stop to monologue at Sally before striking. Of course Eggmanís hubris is programmed into his top Badniks, too.

At least, thatís the in-universe reason for it. The IRL reason is because in the original version of this story from Eonís Comic, the progressive candidate was attacked by Dino Rex, working on behalf of Bass and the Robot Masters (yes, from Mega Man), and Dino Rex is a big flaming dinosaur robot. In the 2018 remaster, I reframed the attack as taking place during the debate between Sally and Haig, and had Dino Rex dramatically burn through from the opposite side of the screen. Now, all the Mega Man content was nixed for Eonís World, but I was very proud of the whole burning through the screen thing and wanted it to still be in this story nonetheless. And whoís to say E-1000ís donít have a flamethrower setting?

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