July 15, 2022



Commentary for July 15, 2022:

I took a little break between finishing the previous chapter and starting this one. It was mostly due to offering to run a small Dungeons & Dragons adventure for some friends and needing to do a lot of prep for it, so I had no time to start on this. Fortunately, I had a decent backlog of pages done already.

Anyway, this chapter is one adapted mostly from the version featured in my 2018 attempt at remastering Eonís Comic; but Iíll go into more details about the similarities and differences at the end, as usual. Now, I may have mentioned previously that Eonís Comic got very political in places and I donít really plan on toning that down. The difference between now and then is that I hope I can write something that feels a bit more sophisticated than what I was capable of between 2002 and 2011. Thatís not to say that that what I wrote back then was all bad. I think some of my later stories were pretty good, actually. But some of the early politics stuff doesnít hold up well at all.

Now, who is Walter Haig? Have we met him before? Well, Iím pretty sure we havenít -- and I really hope Iím right about that, because if we have met him, he will have definitely looked different to my redesign of him here. Anyway, Haig is the Governor of New Deseret, which is a north-western province of Meridia, roughly corresponding to the real world region of Utah and some of the other surrounding states. He is a member of the United Federationís Conservative Party and weíll learn more about him in a page or two. Now, while Haig did appear in Eonís Comic, in the original version of this election story arc, the conservative candidate was actually Mega Man. Yes from the game series Mega Man.

I made Mega Man the victim of my very poor attempt at a parody of George W. Bush, by portraying him as an aggressive warmonger who was obsessed with terrorism and wanted to use perceived threats to the nation as an excuse to take away peopleís rights and freedoms. You know, like the Bush administration actually did. The problem is, I was an angry seventeen-year-old, who had just been forced to watch my country, the UK, being willingly drawn into an unjust war of aggression in Iraq at the whims of this awful American president, and I felt utterly powerless. So I used my comic to try and lampoon him. But Mega Man didnít deserve to be treated that way. Sadly, this was back when I knew nothing about Mega Man and would just use whatever sprites I thought looked cool. It didnít occur to me yet to try and make some human OC to fill the role. I think, having had Bass run at the previous election, I felt some need to continue this very silly trend of having official videogame characters running for office, or managing restaurants, or just doing weird stuff that was not at all what they were actually about. Years later, I did read the very good Mega Man comics by Archie and I came to realise how terrible my use of Rock back in 2003 had truly been. But even before then, as early as 2005, I came to regret using the Mega Man franchise the way Iíd done and tried to rehabilitate its role in Eonís Comic somewhat, give it a good send-off, and then never touch it again. Needless to say, coming into Eonís World Vol. 1, a complete remake of Eonís Comic, ultimately there was no real question that I wouldnít have any Mega Man characters running for office, and ultimately I decided to nix the Mega Man content altogether, to just keep things simpler.

So thatís why Sally is going up against this Walter Haig guy. Now, like I said, Haig did appear in Eonís Comic, although not until a few years later than this, and his name was spelt ďHagueĒ, because he was literally named after William Hague, former leader of the UKís Conservative Party (who is still a prominent MP to this day, unfortunately). I was not subtle back then. In any case, I decided to change up the spelling to make it a little less on the nose. Now heís just named after the Butcher of the Somme... Anyway, I changed his appearance a little, too. He was originally bald and had a rounder head, but I decided to give him a full head of hair and a square jaw, to give him the kind of commanding, authoritative statesman look that people see and say, ďYes, he looks presidential.Ē Whatever that is supposed to mean.

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