July 14, 2022



Commentary for July 14, 2022:

Can I just say how satisfied I am with Jupiter in panel 4? Thatís an asset I created way back in 2009. But if it ainít broke.

Now Iíve said this before, but one of my favourite character moments Sonic has ever had in all of his thirty-one years of extended fiction is in the AoStH episode, ĎTailsí New Homeí, where he says, ďI love you, little buddy,Ē to Tails. There was also an episode of SatAM, where Sonic broke down and cried after failing to save Uncle Chuck from Doctor Robotnikís control. And there was a moment in the Archie comics where an alternate future Sonic, who had changed history by travelling back in time to prevent a future cataclysm, broke down and cried when he confronted the reality that the family he had raised in his previous timeline had been erased from existence.

But Sega doesnít like it when Sonic is emotionally vulnerable, and has asked the creative teams behind licensed fiction to tone stuff like that down. Sonicís never said ďI love youĒ to any of his friends since AoStH. He never cried again in SatAM or any of the subsequent cartoons. And the art had to be redone in the Archie comics to seriously tone down the visible emotional anguish Sonic was obviously feeling in that story. But I donít answer to Sega and I like to let Sonic have feelings and show some vulnerability now and then, which is one of the reasons for this scene with his family.

The other reason is that I didnít want Sonic to have an ongoing dispute with his parents, so this fight needed to be resolved here and now. I didnít want to give Sonic parents who donít understand him, disapprove of his choices, and are constantly on his case to make something more of himself. Thatís too much of a clichť, whereas a loving and supportive family, parents whoíve always got their kidís back, that is something a bit more refreshing and a lot more wholesome. Oh donít worry, thereíll be more dysfunctional families in Eonís World in due time, but Sonicís isnít one of them. His family can have an argument, but none of them are too proud or too stubborn to admit when theyíre wrong and apologise. They will always make up, even if they have to blow off a little steam by going on a small space adventure with a wayward time traveller, first.

But since this is the final page, I really ought to say a bit more about this chapter overall, hadnít I? This is a very loose adaptation of the story told in Eonís Comic #155-156. In the original, Kathy and the OC I created Black Sabre to replace came to Earth to abduct two OCís who had come back from the future with Sonic and send them back to their own time, and it was Eon and CJ (with the help of Zero from Mega Man Zero) who came to their rescue, because the travellers didnít want to return their own time. The original wasnít a great story, and this version is quite different. The only character in both versions is Kathy, and aside from the time traveller being captured, taken aboard the Potentia, and rescued by a main character, there are few similarities.

Interestingly, the original story took place quite a bit later in the timeline, after some of the upcoming events. Indeed, the previous chapter was a remake of Eonís Comic #139-141 and #144-145, so there had been a whole ten pages of content (a substantial amount for Eonís Comic) between them. Itís been two years since I wrote out the plans for each chapter and decided the order of events, so I donít recall exactly why I moved this story back to this point, but I imagine it had a lot to do with narrative flow.

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