July 18, 2022



Commentary for July 18, 2022:

That first panel took a ludicrous amount of doing before I got it right, but Iím reasonably satisfied with the end result. I had thought of recolouring the E-1000 Badniks into some kind of stealth colour scheme, but I couldnít really settle on a colour that worked, so I just decided not to bother.

Now we come to the part of this chapter I was most invested in getting right, which is the debate itself. First of all, the auditorium. I had considered trying to repurpose a 3D model of an auditorium Iíd made for Chapter 3 of Vol. 2 like nine years ago. Iím sure I could have made it work, but the very old model proved too unwieldy and would have just caused me too much frustration to use, so I opted to keep it simple and just use 2D game background elements and pixel art. I still managed to get some depth into the stage this way, and the setup is pretty faithful to the version of this story told in the 2018 remaster, particularly with the candidatesí faces being blown up and projected onto a big screen behind them. That was the most important visual element I wanted for this chapter, and youíll see why in a couple of pages.

Scarlet Garcia, the woman in the orange suit standing between the candidates, is there as the moderator. Her job is to keep the candidates on topic, deliver questions from the audience, and step in if things get heated. She is, of course, a news presenter from official Sonic fiction, who appeared in Sonic X, and sheís one of the few elements from that show Iíve featured in Eonís World. But hey, I needed a news presenter at some point in Eonís Comic and why create someone new when the Sonic franchise already has someone? You may recall that she also moderated the debate between the candidates for the United Federation presidential election in Chapter 5, so itís kind of her thing when sheís not being SSTVís field correspondent. In any case, I needed new sprites for her and I went out of my way to try and make her look as close to the anime I could. I think I did okay. The funny thing is, throughout this whole debate, she never steps in, so her standing there might look a little odd; but I decided I wanted to just have the two candidates having a back and forth with each other at this stage, a little bit like the famous debate episode of ĎThe West Wingí, I guess. (Of course, I wasnít ever going to do a whole chapter solely dedicated to a single presidential debate like in ĎThe West Wingí. Sure, Iíd enjoy that and I think one or two of my readers would; but itís not the kind of storytelling Iím going for here.)

Anyway, I guess I should address what the candidates are debating. I could have invented a bunch of sci-fi baloney for them to disagree over, a bunch of fake issues that only apply in this fictional setting, and thereís definite precedent for this. Civil rights for Mobians, for instance, are definitely an issue in this setting and I could have had them focus on that. But I wanted them to address more grounded issues, things that may resonate with real people in the real world. This is why theyíre talking about whether or not the taxpayerís money is being properly spent on art, science, and the welfare state, because real world concerns like this do still apply in a fictional setting.

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