July 7, 2022



Commentary for July 7, 2022:

Thereís no need to revisit my earlier thoughts about Sonicís very forgiving nature, because I already covered that here. Instead, Iíll just say how satisfying the visuals for these scenes aboard the Potentia are. I think they turned out really well.

Anyway, youíd think someone as fast as Sonic would be running into things a lot more often, but I guess if youíre as fast as he is, you learn to react quickly to obstacles. But even the best racing drivers have accidents. Now, KeroíKa has appeared already at the start of Chapter 36, where you could see them on the Potentiaís bridge, but they had no lines then. Theyíre actually a character who I first created for Eonís Comic, but I introduced much later than this. Originally, Kathy and the OC I created Black Sabre to replace were the only crew we ever saw aboard the Potentia, but it was a big ship and it felt strange for there to be only two crew, which is why I added more, and I decided to make KeroíKa one of them.

Fun fact, KeroíKa is my original non-binary character, who I made non-binary by accident before I was even really aware of what non-binary meant in the real world. Their species, the gytorians, are without sexual dimorphism or gender as we understand it, because why would all sapient species in the universe express these things the same way we do on Earth? Reimagining KeroíKa as part of Kathyís crew wasnít at all necessary, I just didnít want to create a lot of new alien OCís for what is actually going to be quite a short story arc. (Spoilers, I guess, but this arc will wrap up in season 4.)

Itís funny really, because I introduced KeroíKa originally in a story from 2009, I think, and I had planned for them to return in a much bigger role, but Eonís Comic didnít last long enough to get there, ending early in 2011. So that actually means that when they do return in a big role, itíll be in Vol. 2 now, long, long after Iíd originally planned. Better late than never, I guess.

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