July 1, 2022



Commentary for July 1, 2022:

I have said this before, but the way I write Sonic is heavily inspired by his portrayal in the later Archie comics and the IDW comics. Unless you are a present, malicious danger to others, he wonít have any real ill will towards you, even if you just attacked him. Itís the reason he peacefully resolved the situation with Shadow in Chapter 17 and itís why heís resolved to try and go after Silver. Shadow was hurt, confused, and blamed Sonic for that, but he wasnít trying to destroy the world or anything. Silver is also confused, believing Sonic is going to cause a calamity in the future. In both cases, Sonicís attacker isnít an evil-doer trying to neutralise an obstacle, which is why heís prepared to overlook them attacking him and help them out, if he can.

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