July 6, 2022



Commentary for July 6, 2022:

Iím taking a bit of artistic license with my depiction of Silver and his abilities. His telekinesis is straight out of the games, but they donít depict him with the ability to time travel at will, nor do either of the comics heís appeared in. The reason for this change here, frankly, is to simplify Silverís powers, rather than coming up with a bunch of devices he needs to be loaded down with and special rules and conditions he needs to meet to do the thing Silver does, which is travel back to Sonicís time and try to alter history. Like jump drive in Battlestar Galactica, Iím not going to try and explain how it works; it just does.

Anyway, Iím back to pages that take a bit longer to do, because I needed to create the models for them. In this case, I needed to make Black Sabreís cabin, which took a while, despite being a reasonably simple room. A lot of it had to do with being able to position it in a way that fits nicely into a panel like in panel 4.

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