July 5, 2022



Commentary for July 5, 2022:

In my original draft of the script, Silver said “teek” in panel 4, instead of “telekinetic”. It was occasional shorthand for telekinetics used in Babylon 5, which I am a huge fan of and has been influential on my own writing. But I didn’t want to have to put a caption in that panel to explain what it means, nor was I confidant every reader would get it, so I guess I chickened out there. Ah well.

Does the cell seem very similar to the one Tails was kept in last chapter? Yeah, it’s a very slight edit of the same model, although the actual brig has a different layout. I did mean to make something a bit more different, but the big glass door just works for my purposes, so no need to completely reinvent the wheel.

Anyway, now the reason for this chapter’s name is revealed. Potentia is the name of the time agents’ ship. It is essentially Latin for “power”, but also for “ability” or “capacity”, and I do believe it’s where the English word “potential” comes from. Although I completely redesigned the ship for Eon’s World Vol. 1, the name is still true to the original in Eon’s Comic. (Also, the purple interiors carried over, too.)

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