June 28, 2022



Commentary for June 28, 2022:

Sonicís introspection is a bit of a homage to and a deconstruction of a similar scene from the old Fleetway Sonic comic in a story published in 1997. Doctor Robotnik had been defeated and hadnít been seen for some time and Sonic was bored. He started wishing Robotnik was still around for him to fight because at least that way, he had something to do. And I think that says a lot about someone if the only thing that gives their life meaning is the enemies they fight. But Fleetwayís Sonic never struck me as the introspective type and Iím trying to write a more thoughtful character here. Here, itís less a question of simple boredom and more of whether there is any call for the Freedom Fighters to still exist now that Doctor Eggman has been defeated, and Sonic at least realises what it would say about him if he genuinely wanted Eggman to still be there for him to fight. Itís not flattering.

Anyway, Silverís here to throw rocks at him!

Is Sonicís reference to the Jedi a fourth wall breaking joke? No! Sonic has encountered two Jedi in a previous chapter, so his first thought on witnessing someone with mind powers like Silverís is that they might be a Jedi. Silver, of course, isnít one, but I thought it was a nice little call back to a previous chapter for Sonic to ask.

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