June 29, 2022



Commentary for June 29, 2022:

I donít know if itís obvious, but Iíve actually done a substantial overhaul of Sonicís face since the previous chapter. Sonic was one of the earliest characters I made sprites of in this new, higher res format and I struggled a little bit with getting his face right. You see, Iíd actually decided to separate his eyes for Vol. 2 back in 2016, four years before the 2020 movie popularised it (and I by no means presume to be the first fan artist to think of it), because Iíve never liked the mono eye. But I didnít quite get it right with my first pass at sprites of it. Having had a lot more experience making new sprites since then, I decided to take another crack at it and I think the results are much better.

Why am I saying this now? Honestly, because thereís not much else to say about Sonic and Silver having a fight. I guess, I could mention that I used some of Silverís lines from the Sonic í06 game, like I did with Jet saying his first line from Sonic Riders? Not much else to say, though.

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