June 23, 2022



Commentary for June 23, 2022:

The original version of this story, told in Eonís Comic #145, ended very abruptly with the scene in which Sora-Ya emerged from the tunnel, having only just managed to stop the train. But since I donít have the same constraints on me now as I did back in 2003, I like to give most of my stories a bit more of a denouement. I also wanted to tie the end of this chapter back in with the beginning of the previous one, since the events of both stories are supposed to have been happening more or less concurrently.

Now getting this last page done took a little longer than Iíd hoped, but really I ought to have expected it. I didnít have sprites of Dinobot ready to go, nor did I have the engine room of the Death Egg ready either. No, Iím not going to play coy here; we know Site B is the Death Egg, because it was teased in Chapter 27 and properly revealed in Chapter 34. Hell, I might as well even tell you now that the title of this season, ĎThe Ultimate Weaponí is absolutely referring to the Death Egg. In any case, I could have used sprite backgrounds like I did for the Death Egg back in 2004, but given that the ones I used back then arenít up to my present standards and Iíve already established a precedent of using 3D models for ship interiors, I decided to go all in and make the Death Eggís reactor core in SketchUp.

Anyway, thatís another chapter concluded! Thereís more coming, though, so donít go anywhere. We begin Chapter 39 tomorrow!

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