June 22, 2022



Commentary for June 22, 2022:

I wanted to give Tails some real catharsis in this chapter, especially after the way Sora-Ya deceived her to take advantage of her good nature. Thatís why I had her be the one who set the train running with the Imps aboard, and also why I had her do this -- destroy Eggmanís Pyramid Base. Now, in the original Eonís Comic, the Pyramid Base was never actually destroyed at all. Indeed, it continued to serve as Eggmanís main base on Earth for the remainder of his time in the series, and even after his departure, it was used as a base by another, more minor villain. But writing the script, I asked myself why Sonic and Tails would just leave the base standing, when they have a golden opportunity to destroy it. Maybe it wouldnít occur to Sonic, but I think it would occur to Tails, so while Sonic and Rouge were trying to climb a rocket in flight, she was busy rigging the base for demolition.

Now, this development actually hadnít occurred until I was literally writing the script for this page (and if it had, maybe Iíd have included a scene of Tails planting bombs or messing with the baseís power plant), so some of my plans for future chapters still refer to this base. Iíll need to rethink the locations used in those stories, but that should be fine. The important thing, to me at least, is that this felt like the narratively honest thing to do here.

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