June 24, 2022



Commentary for June 24, 2022:

Itís the start of a new chapter, Chapter 39: ĎPotentiaí. The title of this story is one of the few things retained from the original tale, told in Eonís Comic #155-156, but weíll cover that at the end.

This page was a bit of a slog. Getting that shot just right in the first panel took much longer than Iíd hoped. It wasnít just the placement of things, either, but the colours too. Indeed, I wasnít at all satisfied with my initial efforts on the first three panels and came back the next day to make a few changes. Iím reasonably satisfied with them now, however. But the last two panels took a few days for me to get to, because I needed to make sprites of Sonicís family. Uncle Chuck was easy enough, given that heís basically a paler blue Sonic with a moustache and eyebrows (and a slightly different wardrobe), but Bernie and Aleena took a bit more effort. Still, Iím very satisfied with how they turned out. I suppose I should say something Sonicís parents here. In official fiction (in western media anyway), there have been two completely different characters who have been Sonicís mother, and I was inspired by a fun Tumblr blog that reimagined them both as Sonicís parents. When I said ďMAKE IT GAYERĒ, I meant it!

But if Bernie (who is based on Sonicís mum from the Archie comics), has been recast as Uncle Chuckís little sister, does that mean Jules (Sonicís father in the Archie series) doesnít exist in Eonís World? Honestly, he may not. I liked Jules well enough in the old comics, but I think the most interesting part of him was that he was the last roboticised person on Mobius, and roboticisation just isnít a thing in this setting. I donít know how Iíd make Jules interesting and, given that Iíve made Aleena (based on Sonicís mother in Sonic Underground) Bernieís wife and Sonicís other parent, Jules is just kind of surplus to requirements. That doesnít mean heíll definitely never appear, just that I have no plans for him at this time. And if he does appear, he wonít be Sonicís father.

Anyway, enough of that. Youíll be forgiven for not noticing, given that the date is not stated anywhere on this page, as it often is at the start of a new chapter, but this story actually takes place over a month after the events of the last two chapters. It is now mid October, which is why autumn is in full swing and itís harvest festival time on South Island. So far, the only other holidays Iíve established to be observed in this setting are the winter and summer solstices, and I wanted to add a bit culture to the world of... Eonís World. And thatís why harvest festival is a thing. Iím kind of imagining it as being a little like North Americaís Thanksgiving, but without any of the problematic colonial baggage. But I digress. Sonic getting together with his family for harvest festival and taking this opportunity to introduce his parents all spun out of the autumnal setting and Silverís musings over a world that still has things like the fall; the family scenes in this chapter were not in the original plan I wrote for it about two years ago now. Iíd say more about Silver, but as you might guess, this is a Silver story, so thereíll be plenty of time to say more to say about him in the coming commentaries.

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